Swim with turtles


Tahiti’s extraordinary underwater reliefs make it the perfect place for divers of all levels of experience to explore. Its drop offs are ideal for discovering everything from corals and algae to sea fans and cnidarians. Here an abundance of fish species use these vestiges as both a home and a place to eat. These waters are also frequented by turtles, who are the source of many Tahitian legends.


Head down to the white sandy bottom to discover wrecks that are home to a richness of marine life such as fish, sharks, and graceful turtles.

The hydro plane & the goelette

In just one dive you can witness two sunken wrecks: the Calina type seaplane (1962) and the schooner, a former minesweeper (1976). Each now calls the white sandy bottoms of the lagoon in Faa’a their home. Amongst them many species of fish have found refuge to the delight of divers.

The depths of these dives range between seven and 22 meters.

Turtle Plateau

Here on the west coast of Tahiti, the turtles live peacefully. Not fussed by visitors, they swim freely and without fear as they make their way through the crystal-clear ocean. Here they share the waters with dolphins, and a little deeper down, white tip sharks.

The White Valley

An incredible dive site on the external slope of the Papeete Pass. It’s a geological relief with a white sandy bottom where you’ll find schools of jacks, sharks, barracudas, moray eels, and turtles all year round.

The current may be strong here, but it provides a snapshot of the richness of what Tahitian waters have to offer.

Dive centers


When you’re not diving, Tahiti also offers the perfect place to catch a wave or charter a boat. You can even play a round of golf back on the island.



Tahiti is a surfer’s paradise with its vast number of quality surf spots for both beginners and pros. Here it’s just you and the waves as many of the breaks are uncrowded. While you’re here head to the world-renowned Teahupoo for some of the biggest and most powerful waves in the world.



Amongst all the sailing activities on offer, one of the most amazing is taking a fast catamaran between Tahiti and Moorea. Here a professional skipper takes the helm so you can lay back and enjoy all of The Islands of Tahiti.



Play an unforgettable round of golf with the Islands of Tahiti as the backdrop. Here we have two incredible golf courses – one in Tahiti and the other in Moorea. But If mini golf is more your thing then grab your club and head to Raiatea for some fun.


If you’re visiting more than one island in The Islands of Tahiti then fly with Air Tahiti. It offers a multi-flight pass that saves you time and money.

Fly into Papeete

The Islands of Tahiti are accessible via nonstop flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle (beginning October 2022), the duration is just 8 hours. Connections to these US cities can be made from many major airports in Canada.

Taxi/airport transfers

Transport from Faa’a International Airport to your hotel is short and can be arranged in advance with help from your preferred travel professional or hotel. You can even transfer via cruise ship.

Other islands

Air Tahiti offers connecting flights to other islands from Faa’a airport. There are also passenger ferries to Moorea departing from the waterfront in downtown Papeete.


Moorea— Graze with the Lemon Sharks

Scuba dive or snorkel the crystal-clear lagoon of Moorea, which is home to a rich coral reef ecosystem and vibrant array of marine life.


Raiatea is one of the most sacred island in the region. Its mountains are carpeted in greenery and its ocean passes make for quiet walks under the sea.


This is the place to have a romantic getaway. Get yourself an overwater bungalow and then head underwater for a dive that you’ll both never forget.