Manihi is what you imagine if you lived a simpler life as a castaway in your own island paradise. It’s a tropical fantasy where the Mana spirit thrives around the crystal-clear lagoon. Manihi’s waters make an incredible place to explore as they’re blessed with the perfect temperature, brightness, density and salinity to grow one of the South Pacific’s most precious treasures – the black pearl.


There’s a lot to take in and admire when you’re swimming in Manihi’s lagoon with its brilliant coral reefs, sealife, and warm crystal-clear waters.

The Turipaoa pass

This is the only pass in the atoll where you’ll witness the grace and beauty of the manta rays. Here experienced divers can drift along with the current as if surfing underwater. The dive takes place at a depth of 25 meters (80 feet). Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be here in June, you can watch thousands of groupers migrate to breed.

The Circus

For those privileged divers with the experience to handle The Circus’ rough waters, there’s the opportunity to witness something quite special. At its entrance where the current is at its strongest, you may just see the incredibly rare and majestic ballet of the manta rays.

Dive centers


Treasures lay in both the shallows and depths of Manihi’s waters – both above and below the surface. Set out and you shall find them.

Boat tours

Boat tours

There are more than enough boat tour operators willing to show you around the mythical blue lagoon of Manihi. As their guest, they’ll do all the heavy lifting as you sit back and take in the sights and beautiful sea breeze. You can even hire them to head out for some guided fishing.

Pearl farms

Pearl farms

Manihi’s lagoon is where Tahiti’s mother of pearl originated back in 1965. The first pearl farm began here, along with the islanders’ love for producing them. You can visit these farms for a unique experience that will help you understand the work needed to create something so small and precious.


If you’re visiting more than one island in The Islands of Tahiti then fly with Air Tahiti. It offers a multi-flight pass that saves you time and money.

Fly From Papeete

Choose to take a 1 hour and 15 minute, non-stop flight from Papeete or from Rangiroa, which takes just 35 minutes. Manihi’s airport is located close to the primary accommodation.

Getting around by water

There are a number of different ways to get around the island by water. Choose to explore the surrounding motu by motorboat, canoe, or sailboat. There are even charters available.

Boat transfer to accommodation

If you’re looking to transfer via boat to Manihi it’s necessary to book in advance as trips are not as regular as flights. To book, it’s best to arrange it with your travel agent or accommodation.



This is one hotspot recognised for its rich marine diversity. It’s here where you’ll have the best opportunity to see the bottlenose dolphins.


Millions of fish of all different shapes, colors, and sizes roam its waters. So many in fact, that it impressed Jacques Cousteau’s research crew.

Taha’a— The Coast of the Vanilla Island

This charming flower-shaped island has air scented with vanilla and waters rich with an abundance of fish and coral.